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We Repair Everything… If It’s Automotive, We Can Fix It!

Minnesota residents have long adapted to our state’s changing seasons and unpredictable weather patterns. Unfortunately our cars and trucks feel the impact of our northern climate too. Drastic extremes, from hot to cold and rain to snow, can take your vehicle from good to bad in no time. At N&G Auto Repair we maintain a trained staff of ASE Certified technicians and auto mechanics ready to do battle with whatever automotive breakdown or maintenance issue Mother Nature and Father Time have thrown your way.

Unlike specialty shops, we operate as a full-service auto repair company, handling everything from general vehicle maintenance to transmission replacements. Bottom line: we do it all at N&G Auto Repair.

As a professional auto repair shop, we also continually work to advance our automotive skills and maintain up-to-date diagnostic equipment. Everything we do allows us to quickly identify and correct your automotive problems.

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A/C & Heating System Repair

Unless it’s an uncommonly mild day in Minnesota’s spring or fall months, chances are you often rely on your vehicles A/C or heating system when traveling. At N&G Auto Repair we can help you keep your cool in the summer and maintain your warmth in the winter. From A/C systems that no longer cool to vents that no longer defrost, remedying those issues is our specialty. We can accurately evaluate your vehicle’s heating or cooling problem and provide appropriate repair options.

Automobile Pick-Up & Delivery

One of our courteous and convenient services is vehicle pick-up and delivery. If you live or work in Montgomery, Minnesota, we can pick-up your vehicle, take it to our shop, provide your desired auto services (oil and filter change, wheel alignment, etc.) and return it before the end of the day. How’s that for customer service?

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Brake Repair & Replacement

Do you hear or feel squeaking, sticking, rubbing, or braking power loss? If so, these are all indicators that it’s time to get your brakes looked at by a certified automotive technician. Brakes wear out over time, and their issues can become a hazardous problem if not taken seriously. Minor brake loss can drastically deteriorate over time to complete brake loss, most often resulting in an accident.

At N&G Auto Repair we provide complete brake system services:

  • Brake System Evaluations
  • Brake Pad Replacement
  • Shoe Replacement
  • Brake Drum Resurfacing
  • Other Brake-Related Services

Oil Changes

Changing your car’s oil is one of the most basic, yet vital automotive maintenance tasks. Whether through friction, heat or contaminants, it’s no secret that engines work hard and are tough on oil. Therefore, it’s in your vehicle’s (and your) best interest to maintain a regular oil change schedule. This simple task will increase your vehicle’s engine life as well as protect your investment. Your vehicle will thank you!

At N&G Auto Repair, we provide complete oil and filter change services. Save your self the hassle; let us handle the dirty work by completing your oil change for you.

Computer Diagnostics

Today’s technologically-advanced cars and trucks are more complicated than ever, utilizing sophisticated computer systems on everything from dashboard lights to engine components. Fortunately, at N&G Auto Repair we offer a full range of computer diagnostics, and have the trained staff and modern equipment to go along with it. We can accurately detect even the most uncommon automotive problems.

Transmission Repair & Replacement

Transmission problems frequently go unnoticed until an expensive and complex problem arises. Routine transmission flushes are very important for the continued performance of your vehicle. At N&G Auto our team of honest mechanics are equipped and experienced to thoroughly and rapidly perform transmission flushes on all vehicle makes.

Aside from transmission maintenance (flushes), we also provide a full-range of transmission related services, including:

  • Transmission Diagnostics
  • Transmission Replacement
  • Complete Transmission Fluid Exchange
  • Gasket Changes

Leave it to the experts. Keep your transmission performing at optimal levels.

Wheel Alignment, Rotation & Balancing

When there’s an issue with your vehicle’s wheels, you’ll often find yourself having a rough ride. When you car’s wheels are not adjusted properly, whether in alignment, balance or pressure, many issues can evolve.

  • Pulling to One Side
  • Vehicle Shaking
  • Steering Wheel Vibration
  • Uneven Tire Wear

With a quick evaluation, our automotive technicians at N&G can provide insight into your vehicle’s wheel issues. We can quickly correct the problem by providing computerized wheel alignment, professional tire rotation, proper tire inflation and accurate wheel balancing services. Contact us today so we can check out the wheels on your ride.